It’s not quite yet thanksgiving but you can already feel people’s appreciation toward each others already…

At first period, my teacher passed out latkes (a type of potato pancake) for each of us. When I got mine, it was still warm.

Today at lunch, my friend was passing out bags of M&Ms to us as a way of thanking us for being there for her. It was a little bag of gift, but it made our day.

My English teacher said that she was grateful to work with our class and let us watched a movie for the whole period.

We had a mini Thanksgiving Pre-party in Art class. I spent the whole day munching on homemade pumpkin cookies and watched the teacher draw out a Thanksgiving feast. Her turkey and mashed potatoes drawing made me hungry.

While waiting for my dad to pick me up, I looked at my friends, the school, the scenery, and smiled.

I gave my mom a hug today and she wondered what I was up to.


  • Lotttsss of thanks to my parents. How they managed to put up with my craziness I don’t really know.
  • My friends. Yeah, anyone who managed to laugh at my jokes deserve a big thank you.
  • My teachers. They taught me sooo much in so little time.
  • Konrad Zuse and Vinton Cerf, for inventing the computer and the internet. Lol, you guys expected that one didn’t you?
  • Authors across the world.  Thanks for the good books and stories. I wouldn’t be able to write without them.

….and last but not least, you guys. Thanks for leaving replies and being the reason that this blog is still alive! 🙂


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