Work, work, and more work!

This is the time to finally regret my lack of planning skills.

I’m so busy with homework nowadays. It seems like every time I finish an assignment, two pops up in its place! I barely have time just to check my e-mails now, let alone actually updating my blog. *Sigh* I need a long break. Well, the four-day weekend I have should let me catch up on things…for now.

Hey, guess what I’m doing in PE? Football. Me = bad hand-eye coordination + slow reflexes. Lol, should be fun. Hopefully everybody on my team will avoid throwing the ball to me. Well, it’ll be only 3 weeks, I can stand that.

Good news: My artwork is good enough to be featured for the whole week in the Freshman hallway. xD Yep, for the whole week I can point out to random people that I drew the picture on the wall. Oh yeah, I finally got in touch with my friend back in middle school! We are spamming eachothers with e-mails now, and there are still lots of things left to say.

Oh yeah and one more thing: I’ll post another conversation of my friend and I soon. Expect more randomness guys, it’s what I live for. x3


3 Responses to Work, work, and more work!

  1. ∞Beth∞ says:

    Lol I love this post! Good luck in football! Jeez, you have a 4-day weekend? Lucky! My weird old school gives me the normal weekend, then only Tuesday off! So I have one day of school sandwiched into there… Super unconvenient because today was Carol’s wedding, right? And we had to take a 9-hour drive to get here. And we need to take a 9-hour drive back early on Sunday. But if we had Monday off we could stay longer (making it a lot more worth it — come here Friday, stay Saturday, leave Sunday?!). But we just have Tuesday off. So we have to make it back before Monday.

  2. ChocoPuddi says:

    I think we traded in a holiday for this Monday. Whoa, you have to be in the car for 18 hours? Not a fun way to spend your weekend.

  3. Lol! Bethany was in SJ, but I didn’t get to see her. :[

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