Story: Fantasy adventure

I woke up with the wind gently caressing my face. Funny, Mom must have turned on the fan or something. Wait, why would she does that in the middle of winter? I rolled around a bit. The bed felt so uncomfortable and itchy. After much rolling around, I decided I was awake and opened my eyes. Ahh, what a beautiful morning. The sky had such a pretty shade of blue. Oh wait, since when I can see the sky from my bed? Where did the ceiling go? I look around in confusion and realized I’ve been sleeping on a grassy hilltop. I quickly stood up. Oh man mom is going to be so mad when she sees the grass stain. Mom? She was nowhere around. I suddenly realized that I was alone.

Panicking now, I tried to find a way home. Grass. Grass. Trees. Trees. More grass. Running out of breath, I finally accepted the fact that I was lost. This dream was slowly turning into a nightmare and I want to get out of it. I sat down, wondering what to do. A small sheep suddenly passed by and I felt comforted by the company. “Hey sheep,” I said while stroking its wool, “Are you lost too?”

“Hands off the wool please. I just got it brushed this morning…and no you idiot, I’m not lost.” The sheep scowled.

I was shocked to see a sheep talked and pulled my hand back in a flash. “Uhh…You talk?” was all I can pulled out at that moment.

“Of course I can! What am I? A mute? Jeez, children nowadays are SO RUDE!”

The sheep was practically shouting now so I decided to back away just to be safe. It’s funny how I’m scared of a sheep. Well, in this strange land, you’ll never know. At any moment, the sheep might pull out a weapon or something. Especially ones with bad temper.

“Hey, hey. You still listening? Gosh…rude I tell you. RUDE!” The sheep looks mad. Very mad.

“Umm…Can you tell me the way home?” I asked, trying to be as nicest as I could.

“NO! I have nothing to give you, you ungrateful child. GO AWAY!”

Deciding that it was hopeless to argue with a talking sheep, I took its advice and walked away. After awhile, I stumbled upon a shady tree. It was a good place to rest, so I decided to sit down under its shade and just try to take all the stuff that happened today in. My peaceful rest was interrupted by a voice, much kinder this time.

“Oh my…What is this? A tired traveler I presume?” The voice seemed to be coming from the tree I was leaning on.

“Yes,” I answered, smiling a little. Well no surprise there. If a sheep can talk, so can a tree.

“You know,” the tree said, “I don’t have much company nowadays. What brings you here, young one?”

I spent sometimes explaining about my current situation. The tree seemed to be very interested in stories, especially those from faraway lands. “Hmm, finding the way home can be hard indeed. This world is much too vast to be lost alone…but do not fret my child, I do know a way.”

I was so happy when I heard that. Oh how I wish I can be at home right now, just idling in my couch watching TV or surfing the web. “Really? You can? How?” I tried to get all of that out really quickly, excited to know the way home.

“Mmm…Let me see. If you go past that forest over there,” he extended his heavy branches toward the forest north of where we are at, “you will reach a town called Alyea. There, you will have to seek out the barkeeper named Jiad. He will tell you further instructions on how to get home.” He paused a bit, hesitating. “Be careful, little one. Be very wary of the creatures that lurks in the forest. They can harm you. Now, go on…you have a long way home, perhaps even a perilous one.”

I thanked him and glanced toward the dark forest. The direction where my journey will begin.

Wheew..I finalled finished the first part of my fantasy story! :3 More will be coming later in the week. I need more inspiration. xD


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