Since it’s such a good book, I figured it is such a waste not to talk about it. It’s a teenage vampire romance novel by Stephenie Meyers. It’s about a girl named Bella who fell in love with a vampire called Edward. Not exactly an idealistic relationship since the vampires seek blood in order to live and it just so happens that Bella’s blood is quite tasty. The setting is in Fork, Washington. It’s quite a rainy place and not too sunny, a good place for a vampire hide out don’t you think? Anyways, Edward and Bella kind of started on the wrong foot, but as the story progress, they got to know each other and then fell in love.

My favorite character in the book is Bella. She’s such a klutz, in a good way of course. Nice to know when she mess up there’s always Edward to clean up the mess, haha. Edward is alright, he’s a bit possessive but I guess it’s all part of being in love. I can totally relate to Alice, she and I acted almost the same as each other. Of course, I love her personality, she is bubbly and fun but she has quite a temper when she’s mad. xD  Personally, I think the first book is the best. It’s packed with excitement and fun in every pages. The storyline is very fresh and interesting and unexpected. Seriously, I never knew there’s a place called Forks in Washington before. I actually pulled out Google to double check, Lol. In most cases, the sequel often fails to beat the first. The second book is still good though, but I guess you kind of lose a bit of interest after you get used to the characters and their personality.

Seriously, I would totally recommend this book if you are into romance, vampire, and action.


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  1. CandyApple says:

    (; Best book I have ever read!

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