Back to school party

Pheew, I’m beat. Yesterday was so busy. I was at a Back to School party at my friend’s house. It was awesome! We had a backyard barbeque and water balloon party in the park. I never knew that playing water gun war can leave you so hungry. I ate like 2 pieces of ribs, 2 chicken drumsticks, and a steak. After that we kind of snuck up on my friend and dumped a bucket of water on her head. She got mad and started chasing us with her secret stash of water balloons. That day, we all learned a lesson of not messing with the water balloon queen. Then they decided to gang up on me and I got pushed into the pool. I managed to grab a friend nearby and she went down with me. xD We all fought for the only hair dryer afterward. Following up the mess was a Guitar Hero showdown. I managed third place and got a bar of chocolate as a prize lol. I tried it on Expert and it was a total disaster, I missed countless of notes. We all decided to be gutsy and play Resident Evil after that. Less than 5 minutes into the game, we got hacked to death by an axe wielding zombie. What cracked me up is that we were using a gun in the game and we can’t even beat up a guy with an axe. Well, the idea of not reading the player manual turned out not to be a brilliant idea after all. After quite a scare, we decided to give up and play with the parrot. The cage was loose so he managed to escape and flew everywhere. We managed to catch him with a butterfly catching net and some sunflower seeds.


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