It’s actually harder than I thought to keep a blog. I mean, you have to find your way around all those neat little things to customize your blogs like meebo and hit counters. Good thing I had help around the site, you know who you are! 😀 Well, now that the blog is stable-ish, I could start rambling away. You guys are probably wondering why in the world I picked ChocoPuddi of all the names I could have. Well the reason is simple, I was eating chocolate pudding at that time. Lol, it sounds dumb, but I like the name anyways.

I recently started messing around with Photoshop (it’s an digital art program). It’s so addictive! Took quite a while for me to get used to the tools, but I created some fun stuff with it. I’m still a newbie though, haha. Another thing is, Photoshop makes things really easy once you got used to the basics and you can actually create things with a professional touch if you follow a good tutorial. I tried making my own wallpaper before, it took a really long time to make and didn’t turn out very professional, but I still love it. Heh, I probably will ask my dad for a tablet soon. It’s an awesome tool if you suck at drawing with a mouse like me. It acts as pencil and paper and it lets you draw directly into an art program like Paint or Photoshop. It is really great. Yeah, if you have read all of that, you probably knew that I absolutely love art! I have been drawing since I was 4 and I took a couple of art classes. I signed up for a painting class too, heh, I hope I get accepted.


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  1. cool HI your online!

    well gtg


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